The sun has started shining bright and the summers are officially here. With kids gulping down ice cream and ACs working on full mode, it’s needless to say that summer vacations are going on in full swing. If we rewind one past year, being in the lockdown (yes, due to COVID-19) with the family has brought everyone together. 

Similarly, some families have come together and they even plan the movie nights. So, if your family is all about family time and watching movies and TV shows together, we have the top Netflix movies and Disney Plus movies. Are you ready to ditch the cinemas and watch something amazing with your family while keeping COVID-19 at bay?



The Willoughbys

The movie was launched in 2020 and if you haven’t watched it already, now is the time. The revolves around Jane and two brothers, who are abandoned by their parents tend to please their nanny and become the epitome of perfection. 

The Secret Life of Pets II

We all know that country life is widely different from the life in NYU, and in this movie, Max learns this differently after many challenges. Sure, a few animals aren’t trying to know him but his friendship with Rooster eases things for Max.

Monster House

The movie might be old but it has become the perfect movie available on Netflix that your kids can watch with you. The movie is about a teenage DJ who has to prove to the babysitter and police that the neighbor’s house is a monster. He embarks on a journey (or it might be an adventure) with his friends to save people. We are certain that your kids will love the happy and cozy ending.

Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday


Pee-Wee is in the NY state of mind. In this movie, Pee-Wee meets with Joe Manganiello and heads out to the Empire Stare building where he celebrates Joe’s birthday. In particular, they celebrate the event in the Big Apple, and during all this, some shenanigans happen.

The Mitchells Vs. The Machines

This is a family animation movie that focuses on family dysfunction. The movie is about the Mitchells who come in contact with a robot apocalypse that’s planted by evil A.J. So, will robots make the perfect humans? Guess you will have to watch and see!



This is the big-budget movie adaptation of a kid’s classic. This movie is adorned with the sweetness of Steven Spielberg and sharp edges of Roald and will leave you teary-eyed. It is needless to say that the duo of giant and an orphan girl will leave you smitten and you will cry for the sequel (we are still hoping that they make one).

Disney Plus



The movie is set in the seaside town and it’s all about a young boy who comes to age and experiences a summer that h can never forget. The boy, Luca, shares the summertime adventures with Alberto, his friend. However, all the fun is jeopardized by the ultimate secret, the sea monsters hiding underwater.

Blank Check


If you want to see someone get lucky with money, Blank Check is the right movie to watch as an eleven years old boy gets the settlement money by the bank and it’s quoted with million bucks (his bike is run over, by the way). After getting the settlement, the boy spends it crazily, has his own limo and pad, but he forgets to save the money from looters.

The Parent Trap

The movie revolves around identical twins who are separated after being born because the parents are getting a divorce. However, the twist comes in when they meet at the summer camp after years and switch places to reunite the family; will they become successful in doing so?

A Goofy Movie


We all love Goofy and this movie is the reflection of it as Goofy embarks on the road trip across the country for his son, Max. They try to enjoy the bonding but are caught up with the floppy cars which ruins the adventure. But hey, will Max learn that it’s fine to take after his dad even at such young age?

The Bottom Line

To summarize, these movies are going to keep your kids hooked (even you can be hooked). So, look for these movies and your kids will be kept cool during their screen time. Let us know which move are you going to choose?