Celebrities are the masters of shaping the realities we see in the media. But don’t be swept up by their charm on-screen as these famous names hold some surprising secrets. Sometimes we forget that our favorite singers and movie stars are only human. 

It’s really only a matter of time before they let appearances slip and do something controversial. And would we have it any other way? Of course not! We crave the entertainment of it. Let’s face it. Life would be boring without a little scandal. 



Now it’s no secret that Rihanna is prone to speaking her mind, but you may not know quite how much of a ‘Rude Girl’ she really is. This fierce and fearless multi-award-winning artist should, in theory, be a source of fascination and inspiration. However, her music, fashion, and entrepreneurial empire have not prevented her from becoming the cause of dispute.

The Barbadian singer’s ridiculing of a fan on social media (#PromBat), angry outbursts at paparazzi, and her constant contentious Twitter posts have received endless backlash. If you were dreaming of a life-changing meet and greet one day, I wouldn’t bank on it. You’d better just shut up and drive on.

Blake Shelton 


As Gwen Stefani’s partner, Blake is best known for his magnetic personality and heartfelt sounds, but we’re beginning to wonder if his appeal is all a façade. Not only has he received criticism over his song ‘Minimal Wage’, but he has also been accused of posting homophobic and offensive tweets.

The Voice judge managed to go from country crooner to agent agitator in the blink of an eye. We have to give him credit for being the unexpected troublemaker. It’s hard to take his public apologies as anything but genuine with such an angelic face.

Bella Thorne


Whilst most Mickey Mouse Club members go through a period of resistance after being thrust into fame at a young age, Bella has taken it further than anyone could ever have imagined. This Disney diva clearly does not wish to conform to the world society imagined for her. 

A string of insensitive tweets and outspoken righteous comments demonstrate her unwavering ferocity. Posting nudes in the attempt to make a statement about having control over what is put out into the world may have been a step too far, though. That being said, she is not a woman you would want to cross!

Keanu Reeves


The movie star started out as one of those disruptive kids, causing havoc for his teachers by asking too many questions. It’s no wonder he was kicked out of three different schools. This guy seriously does not hold back what he is thinking and seems to be completely carefree, not giving a damn what anyone has to say about him. 

You may already know about his dabbling in the world of drugs, but you may not be aware of his daredevil tendencies. The star has been in more than one risky motorbike accident after trying to show off his skills. There’s a reason he doesn’t often use a stunt double- he loves being in the thick of the action.

Vanessa Hudgens 


It’s surprising how much drama one little lady can cause. Shopping so hard she maxed out her credit card, getting involved in an elitist church, and going that bit too hard at music festivals are just a few examples of how she has turned heads. She found herself in a sticky spot whilst on vacation with Austin Butler when they were caught defacing a rock wall in Arizona. 

Carving their names in a love heart and posting the photo online for all to see was perhaps not her wisest move. Her inconsiderate comments in a recent Instagram video about COVID-19 deaths being inevitable was quite possibly her lowest point, though. Talk about adding fuel to the fire.

Terrence Howard


This Oscar-nominated actor is no stranger to being the center of attention. At the forefront of the American series Empire, Terrence has proved himself a man of many talents. He has been open about his bitterness at being pushed out of the Marvel world and even threw a tantrum back when he was only 19 after being cut from The Cosby Show

The stream of problematic outbursts doesn’t stop there. Don’t be fooled by his charming demeanor. With multiple allegations of violence and abuse against women, this misogynistic menace clearly isn’t a ladies’ man. You’d think after being publicly accused of beating his wife and assaulting an air hostess, that he’d get some anger management. Instead, there have been 6 instances of him lashing out against women. Really?!

Cameron Diaz


It turns out that the parts Cameron Diaz has been cast for mirror elements of her youth. Her appearances in Bad Teacher and The Other Woman ironically reflect aspects of her rebellious past. The star revealed that she would end up in a lot of fights before she dropped out of school to become a model.

But she didn’t leave her argumentative and provoking nature behind. From losing it at her fans about not wanting to stop and give autographs, to an angry backlash on live radio, she has been the center of controversy on a number of occasions. As one of the highest-paid individuals in Hollywood, it seems things may have gone to her head.

Matthew Broderick


Finding his fame when starring in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and more recently considered for role of Heisenberg in Breaking Bad, this eclectic actor has a remarkable film presence in some of the greatest blockbusters to ever grace our screens.

Unfortunately, his history paints a vastly different picture. A tragic car accident back in 1987 almost landed him in jail after his careless driving killed two women.

Being let off with just a fine was quite the lucky escape from justice and fate. His appearance in a car commercial later down the line was maybe not his smartest decision.

Ellen DeGeneres


Miss Personality Plus apparently is not always the ray of sunshine we see on her show. Recent reports about the mistreatment of her stage crew and miscommunications surrounding their pay during the pandemic lead us to question that charismatic appeal she is so well known for.

As someone who so often promotes the motto ‘be kind’, the amount of members of the public speaking out about her thoughtless and rude behavior go to show that she desperately needs to take a leaf out of her own book. Why is it that celebrities forget to keep up the persona when the camera is off? Her cheap jibes at gifts sent in by viewers and insensitive remarks to both staff and guests make it fair to say that tactful talk really isn’t her forte.

Bruce Willis


The roles he’s played are famed for being some of the biggest troublemakers in Hollywood history, but I bet you didn’t know he was such an antagonist in real life. To the public eye, he is the cool guy. Behind the scenes, however, no one actually wants to work with him. Many other actors, including Kevin Smith, have come out expressing how uncooperative he is. 

The big-time actor even stormed off set and crushed a Disney movie within the first month of filming. Perhaps the most shocking thing he has done is putting out bounties on Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden during the War on Terror. Yippie-Kai-Yay…we’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.