Netflix is offering a huge deal of movie catalogs, original productions, and adaptations to attract its users. However, adding the newest movies to its collection is the main reason for its customer preference. What about adding Steven Spielberg movies to its catalog?

Yes, you read that right. Steven Spielberg is one of the famous American movie directors that have made his name for some of the iconic movies ever made. Let’s take a look at what movies can Netflix series can add:

Men in Black

Will Smith

The iconic movie featuring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones is one of the best movies that one can watch. Comedy, suspense, thriller, and the action-filled movie is Spielberg’s greatest hits. Unfortunately, it’s currently not present on Netflix, and adding it to the streaming channel can boost its visibility amongst the viewers.

Bridge of Spies

This is one of the great suspense and thriller movies ever created. Featuring Tom Hanks in the lead, the story revolves around Tom playing the role of a bridge between the Soviets and the Americans when negotiating for a potential KGB spy.

However, what’s important here is the amazing skills of Spielberg that led this movie to be a great success. Full of suspense and thrill, The Bridge of Spies brings out an amazing storyline that keeps the viewers attracted to the movie. Unfortunately, it’s also not available on Netflix.



There have been several documentaries and movies made on Abraham Lincoln. However, the one directed by Steven Spielberg in 2012 brings out the true essence of the movie. Starring Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln, the story revolves around the after moments of Lincoln becoming the president of the United States of America.

He then uses his power to abolish slavery and while reuniting the country amid civil war. All of the historic moments are captured elegantly and Spielberg has surely added a jewel to his collection of amazing directions. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t have Lincoln by Spielberg in its catalog. However, adding this amazing war drama would add great value to Netflix’s collection.

The Adventures of Tintin


If you ever plan on watching an animated movie with a 3D experience, then this movie is a spectacular choice. Spielberg did a superb job directing it and the results were truly amazing. From a thrilling storyline full of suspense to amazing artwork and effects, The Adventures of Tintin brings out everything that one needs to give kudos to a movie.

It’s filled with some mind-boggling effects that when watched in 3D would bring out the true essence of enjoyment. In addition, the storyline is worth watching every minute. Adding this gem from Spielberg would bring a great addition to Netflix’s catalog.

West Side Story

This movie is an adaptation of the 1957 musical where the rivalry of two fierce gangs is shown. However, in the fight between these two gangs, the Jets and the Sharks, the story focuses on two lovers each from the gangs. It’s not just the amazing storyline and depiction of the 1950s era but the amazing direction from Spielberg that makes the movie worth addition to Netflix.

Jurassic World 2


One cannot move forward without mentioning the Jurassic series when it comes to mentioning Spielberg’s greatest hits. Steven Spielberg Jurassic Park series was one of the most iconic movie series ever made. 

Currently, Netflix has all of the editions except for Jurassic World 2. It was released in 2018 following Jurassic World part 1. The thriller experience continued the previous edition’s storyline with Chris Pratt as the lead. 

The Post

If you’re into scandals and want something of a thriller story that uncovers the truth, then this movie is the right choice. One of Spielberg’s finest, The Post brings the story of two publishers who risk uncovering the truth behind the Vietnam War.

Spielberg does a great job picking up Tom Hanks as the lead since he’s got the right bit of experience with him. From storyline to amazing direction, he brings out the true essence of the movie, making it one of the most competitive of all. Netflix should surely work on bringing it to its collection.



Nothing beats a director than a documentary of himself. Spielberg comes with the finest closeups to the epic journey of becoming one of the most renowned directors in the American industry.

It especially captures the iconic moments and the making of some of the best movies directed by Spielberg, including Jurassic Park, E.T, etc.

Upcoming Spielberg Movies

Apart from the ones that are mentioned above, Spielberg is currently working on are the follow-ups of his iconic creations. The first is the 3rd part of the superlative Jurassic series “Jurassic World Dominion”. The movie will be continuing what started in the first edition of the Jurassic World series and is expected to be released in 2022.

On the other hand, Spielberg will be working as a producer for the iconic Spielberg Indiana Jones series. The 5th edition of the series is expected to be released in 2022 as well. James Mangold will be handling the direction. Spielberg will be joined by other producers including Frank Marshal, Simon Emanuel, and Kathleen Kennedy.

In a Nutshell

Steven Spielberg is one of the most amazing and talented directors to have blessed the American film industry. He has worked with several legendary actors and has directed some of the best movies that have won him Oscars. In addition, he has been nominated for Oscars in best movie and directors a number of times, which shows his worth.

Netflix already has some of his best movies in the pocket. However, featuring the ones mentioned above will surely bring out the best of its popularity. Moreover, another instance that Netflix can adopt is sorting the movies according to directors’ lists so that people can just search for their favorite directors and get their sorted collection right away.