Discovery+ is an on-demand streaming service. It is composed of shows from the Discovery channels, Quest, TLC, Food Network and more. There are plenty of documentaries, reality TV and cooking shows. In case that’s not enough for you, there are also Discovery+ Originals.

Whilst some episodes of various shows are free to watch wherever you want, you can pay $7 per month for access to all the shows involved on this service. Here are just a few of the shows you can watch on Discovery+ Originals..

1. Man v. Food


Hosts Adam Richmond (Season 1-4) and Casey Webb (Season 5-8) are both food fanatics. The series consists of the hosts travelling around the country, visiting big cities and small local towns to seek out the best food.

Man v. Food highlights many local hot spots that may not get picked up by others outside of the local area. As the name suggests, the hosts also take on America’s food challenges. From the spiciest curry in New York to a 75lbs steak with sides, this series is a fellow food fanatic’s dream.

2. Too Large

Obesity is a growing issue all around the world. In this Discovery+ Original, Too Large follows patients of bariatric surgeon Dr Proctor (Who has become famous as being the surgeon for Amy and Tammy Slaton in 1000lbs Sisters) as they work to get approved for surgery. Like My 500lb Life and 1000lb Sisters, this show shows all aspects of the patient’s life through the course of their treatment.

There are many humorous bits, as they work on their diets and exercise regimens. The show also shows the trials and tribulations of the patients and their families in a brutally honest fashion. At the end of season 1, there are ‘where are they now’ episodes to show how the patients have come since their episode.

3. Budget Battle

Budget Battle is a Discovery+ Original cooking competition, where four gourmet chefs create the best meals they can. However, they are on a tight budget and must use supermarket ingredients. Unlike more intense competitions such as MasterChef: The Professionals, host Casey Webb and the competitors make a more relaxed atmosphere.

What do the chefs get if they win? For every $1 the winner stays under budget, the winner gets $1,000. This later changed to $500 in episode 3. Another challenge is added in episode 3 where items become out of stock, to add more to the competition.

4. American Detective With Lt. Joe Kenda


Retired detective Lt. Joe Kenda, who has solved over 300 cases over his 23-year career, has made a name for himself by talking about these cases in Homicide Hunter. In this Discovery+ Original show, he joins other detectives to talk about their cases.

The talks highlight the effect on the detectives and how they solved the case. Complete with evidence, police audio, interrogation and interview clips, this show does not tell you how the case was solved, it shows you through the eyes of those who were personally involved in the case.

5. Aaron Needs a Job


In this Discovery+ Original show, TV personality star Aaron Kaufman looks at different motor-driven industries and takes various jobs in the business.

This science and engineering documentary gives us an exclusive look into the behind the scenes of different industries and talks to professionals about the various processes involved in the industry. Many of these industries we take advantage of in our daily lives. They include NASA, a cargo ship, and the service industry.

6. Above and Beyond: NASA’s Journey to Tomorrow

Oscar nominated and Emmy winning filmmaker Rory Kennedy is the niece of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It was during President JFK’s tenure that NASA first opened in 1959 and was heavily involved in the Space Race between the USA and the USSR.

In this science documentary, Kennedy looks at the successes and failures of NASA, as well as the vast amount of knowledge we have gained in the past 60 years of space explorations. The documentary also looks at global warming and what this means for NASA’s future research into Mars, as well as humanity’s place amongst the stars.

7. House Hunters

For those of you interested in interior decorating and architecture, House Hunters is the perfect show for you. This unscripted reality show follows various clients with different circumstances (Individual, couples, and families) looking to move to a new home (Sometimes a new country) with help from a real estate agent.

Three potential houses are shown to the buyers, each with their own unique charm and style. In the end, we catch up with the buyers and see how they made a house into their home.

8. Love After Lockup


There are many shows about how criminals get into prison or jail and how the prison or jail system work. What happens when they get out? The series Love After Lockup follows former prisoners and their pen pals meeting up and falling in love.

Life after Lockup shows some of the social stigmas of finding love, introducing friends and family, and starting anew with a conviction. The sequel Life after Lockup goes into more detail about employment opportunities, children, and sobriety. It’s a heartwarming, hopeful, and dramatic series, with each of the former convicts and couples fighting for freedom.

9. Say Yes to the Dress


Finding a bridal dress is always stressful. However, with multiple stores across the UK and USA, these experts and fashion designers are here to help! Whether it is to stop momzilla from taking over the bride’s vision, tight budget, or attention seekers, the experts will keep the bride’s interest first.

No matter how unusual the dress request, how varied the entourage’s opinions are and how dramatic things can get (And they can get really dramatic) , these fashion designers and consultants get the brides down the aisle in style.

10. Dr Pimple Popper

Dr. Sandra Lee has become an internet sensation as Dr Pimple Popper. Dr Lee, a professional dermatologist, coined her nickname through YouTube. She would upload small clips of her breaking open cysts, popping out blackheads and (Of course) popping pimples.

This internet fame earnt her a show on TLC, where she takes on patients from all over the USA with various skin ailments. What is just as entertaining to watch as the procedures is Dr Lee’s care and kindness towards her patients. She never pushes the boundaries of their comfort, always tells jokes to comfort them and there is always a satisfying pop at the end of it all.

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