For the most part, 2021 proved terrible to us all. Although some individuals are still out there bringing a bit more light into the globe, some… weren’t really. In addition to media platforms, this was impossible to avoid each of the idiots who still tried our tolerance. View a few of the most dubious postings from recent memory by continuing to scroll. We select humor when we have the option to mourn about anything.

Evidently, Being In Love Involves Abandoning Your Goals

It certainly would be intriguing to understand just what woman’s boyfriend did to acquire five completely financed scholarships. Maybe he told lies and didn’t get any scholarships? Please don’t pursue me; it’s just a suggestion. If this is correct, passing up that type of opportunity to be near to your mate sounds like a waste. I think this woman must trade in her rose-colored glasses for some highly clear, heavy prescription glasses before her spouse refuses any further scholarships.

However, if this guy actually did decline 5 awards for his sweetheart, I would strongly advise anyone to do so!

Big Bro Is Observing

Even without individual who really notified us that the administration is receiving data via biometric identification, how could we react? Ah, yes, we have to pause to recognize the absurdity of utilizing platform to reach us more about the way in which the government spies on us while social networking media itself serves as Big Brother. Shall we tell them the news, or not? As they say, happiness is in ignorance. However, have they truly lived beneath a stone if they don’t know what surveillance cameras, computerized logs, and reports are all about?

Or even greater, has this individual read of driving licenses, as Tash THEE Bae reminded out? I assume that this person has already been recorded because the initial government face identification system dates back a long time.

With This, The New York City Subway Really Fell Short

Death, taxes, and individuals making foolish decisions are a handful of things in life that are unavoidable. We can understand the NYC subway’s desire to try to keep the environment seem safer, but was bench removal the only option available to them? Anyone in New York will tell you that traveling on the subway as a whole can be a pretty difficult experience and that it’s now more challenging because of the ingenious minds who designed the New York City Subway system.

I suppose people should probably take up a seat of their own on the subway. The crew of the New York City subway will adore that, I’m sure. But, unfortunately, it appears that they inadvertently ejected their feet in this way.

When the News is Announced

In all seriousness, I think this child is fantastic and it’s so sad that he’s selling handmade keychains to pay for his schoolmates’ lunches. But start yelling out to him as well: there are people among us who can’t even design a baton figure, much less create our own keychains. Certainly, not even all superheroes sport capes. Also, this child of 8 is a filled commercial entrepreneur, whereas a number of us still having trouble understanding the banking system.

He ought to think about making a job change to speaking engagements. We believe like a child outmaneuvered us, while CNN got outmaneuvered by the Blogger who pointed the whole thing out. The way the universe operates at moments is amusing, wouldn’t that be?

Jesse Must Understand That Maybe, Less Really Is More

Here, Jesse has a sound strategy. Because it’s for that reason—rather than self-defense— a gun is what you really are going to need: commandeering a plane to take your diseased kid into Italy to get treatment, I find it hard to accept that this was the excuse he had in mind in all likelihood. Jesse might make a stronger case for owning a gun than a youngster. Fewer is better, particularly when conveying a message. Jesse may have watched “too much” of the action movies; I have a feeling.

I advise choosing more tranquil films than those that are more gripping. Like a comedy series from the 1990s or perhaps a beautiful Pixar flick. This guy will play anything but Mission Impossible.

When You Swear Your Body Is a Temple, But History Speaks Against You

Whatever your position on vaccinations, I think we can all agree that this individual just got slapped in the face. Although it’s not a good idea to condemn others based on their past behavior, this person was justified in saying, “You abused meth. You should be able to get the shot and live.” It was obvious that their buddy’s physical body had experienced something worse than the COVID vaccine.

Although, I have to admit, calling someone out like that on Facebook is rather cruel. Maybe the next time you curse like that, a private message would be preferable.

Numerous Different Hidden Messages

Woah, we don’t really trust that we ever realized that the word media control is made up of the letters Delta and Omicron. Joking aside, we would absolutely accept that. This person over there is pushing the boundaries of conspiracy theory. But do we need to worry? We don’t believe that ” concealment of messages” will help you win this debate, buddy. Good attempt, though. You will receive points for your originality. However, the “erotic almond” ultimately won our hearts.

‘Almond’ person who is erotic- we have no idea about you, though we want to say thanks for letting us smile despite our suffering. We have a strong return. I certainly hope the same is true for the media controllers.

Oh, How Funny

This photo appears to have been captured during an anti-immigration demonstration. In case you’re curious, it took place in the USA. Given that it is obvious that this group is not flying the American flag, I can’t say that I blame you for wondering. This bunch of protesters is waving flags for a nation that, as our Twitter friend here noted, doesn’t even exist. In 1865, that flag was vanquished.

The following time somebody urges persons to move away from the USA, please display the right flag. Without it, it’s just ambiguous. Besides, we won’t have amicable Twitter personalities always available to answer our questions.

Someone Is At Least Posing The Crucial Queries

“Trust your brain cells, not scientific knowledge,” is today’s quote. Sadly, neither information nor answers are produced by our cells. They are occupied with other tasks, such as ensuring our survival. If this guy studied some biology, he would be aware of that. Okay, it was most likely a typo. This person probably intended to say, “have faith in yourself, not in science,” instead. In any case, he made himself a target for scorching. And it’s obvious that we are not alone.

Whether there was an error or not, we’re glad this moment on the Internet took place. We are genuinely giggling behind our screens about the entire Twitter conversation, especially this guy’s question about how humans discovered we had cells in the first place. Warning: there is a spoiler ahead: science taught us that.

The One Who Want For Us To Cease Thinking

This guy believes that having unfettered availability of medical care and other basics indicates that Satan is ready to destroy America. Listen, Satan is now my best friend if he wants to give me free items and decide they are offered. Free items will definitely not be refused by me! And I don’t wish to be correct if that’s incorrect, sue me. I don’t really desire to be friends with Satan, okay? But the post made by this person has me completely baffled. Do I stand alone?

Evidently, this guy attributes people’s “free thought” to all these negative things. Would they desire that we all give up using our free choice and turn into mindless followers? We need an explanation, please.

Not Every Planets Are Round, Right?

It was very strange for me to do it indirectly after seeing this. Simply put, I felt really uneasy. I wonder whether these are the future’s brightest young people. A more upbeat note is that, if you’re able to get past the peculiarities of this state’s syntax, this individual does pose an intriguing query. Do proponents of flat Earth theory also regard the other planets to be flat? What lengths do these flat conspiracies go to?

From this picture, I think we are not going to know the answer to this question because it looks like the members of the ” Association of the Flat Earth ” are too occupied with criticizing his syntax to really respond to him.

We Would Love To See His Father

For this man, please call for assistance. I genuinely feel sorry for John because he perceives a parent kissing his youngster on the cheek as an “inappropriate” exchange. What else does he consider suspicious if this image is making him uneasy? A hug?! If this isn’t a “natural” father-son connection, I have to question what he perceives as one. Fortunately, Jeff is here to tweet a response to warn parents about rearing children like John.

By putting people in their place, Jeff is exemplifying the value of common service. But really, we’re curious about John’s upbringing.

The Individual Who Believes He Could Just Outwit Science

This guy made an effort to prepare a college paper about the drawbacks of vaccines. They weren’t able to discover a single scientific reference in the campus library that supported that claim, so they concluded it would be best to seek help online. This is simply a suggestion, but if you can’t find any study to back it up, you may want to reconsider your entire position. Among all greatest regard towards this learner, if you’ve already done a lot of Googling, I do not even believe selected random individuals on Facebook will be capable to meet your demands.

We must admit that we are interested to learn what topic they ultimately chose for their university dissertation. I hope it is not a subject that necessitates assistance from Facebook strangers.

Additionally, This Person Has To Review His Geography

I take offense at people forgetting or not realizing that Alaska is a piece of the US. However, what is most amazing about this case isn’t the fact that this individual perceives Alaska to be a distinct country, but rather that they have been residents of the US for 54 years and are still uninformed that Alaska is a component of the country. I ponder whether that is sufficient justification to remove his or her citizenship.

I sincerely wish that if this guy chooses to visit Alaska, he would be accorded a cordial welcome. And it’s a tremendous shock that his American passport is accepted so simply.

This Guy Has To Practice His Math

Interesting note: A&W launched a third Quarter Pounder, larger than a Square Pounder, after the success of McDonald’s quarter-pound burger. But despite offering more bang per buck, Americans rejected the third quarter-pound because they thought the reverse! Although I am are aware that not everyone is good at math, it is difficult to overlook the reality that 0.33 is figuratively larger than 0.25.

Do you think his cranium blew out when he noticed a 3rd burger is definitely bigger than a quarter-pounder? We are all supposed to feel bad that we passed up this fantastic opportunity.

Customer Service Is Also Sometimes Stupid

Here, idiocy has reached entirely new heights. But the reason this whole thing happened is that Mr. My Light Never Came provided Tom with the nicest response ever in response to his request for images of the goods he almost never got. Check it out : this disappointed client supplied five whole images showing his hand clutching nothing, not just one, or two, or even three. He was totally dedicated to the project.

I surely hope he got his lamp after giving us such terrific pleasure. I also hope that Tom enjoyed the way that person reacted to his absurdity.

The Worst Relationship Advice Ever

Ah, yes, the passionate sensations a woman has for every male she knows by his first name. From now on, we’ll take extra care to avoid using anyone’s first name that we know. Only to make sure we aren’t having extramarital affairs with one another. By this reasoning, every woman who addresses another man by his first name is cheating on her relationship. We hesitate to read the rest of the story.

What precisely is micro-cheating, and how is it different from traditional cheating? I can only express my genuine hope that this was a blog post hoax.

This Person Just Got Served

When the sign said that the Planet was 4,000 years old and carried the phrase “Revise my view,” we got the impression that it was asking a rhetorical question. In a group called “Against Science,” he made a claim that, in my opinion, goes against the great majority of scientific theory. That the creator of this meant for anyone to really respond seems improbable in some way. At the very least, they didn’t expect a reaction that would refute their claims. Sadly, that is exactly what took place.

Just to be technical, the Earth is actually about 6000 years old, as per the Old Testament. As a result, it appears that this individual is mistaken and that the Earth cannot be 4,000 years old.

The Math Just Isn’t Mathing

City inhabitants will be familiar with the situation: high rent that forces you to live on the edge, yet the bank won’t give you a mortgage that is less than your high rent. Someone, please explain it to me. Of course, the absurdity continues even outside of large cities. Isn’t it sometimes seem the bulk of us took different math subjects in school than our banks? The statistics simply don’t add up in reality.

Sadly, this is how life is for us. We’ll just have to keep crying in our lavish mansions and daydreaming of being homeowners somewhere else, I guess. You have the impression that you are in a whole different galaxy far away.

Just Simply Not How Evolution Functions

According to this individual, if coverings were required, development would have seized the chance to make individuals without noses and mouths from the very beginning. With such logic, the question of glasses remains. What keeps us from developing those? With the ability to see and everything, some of us think possessing them would be crucial to our survival. This seems like a fairly novel criticism of masks, yet it is insufficient.

I believe Neil just needs to start going Barefoot to prove his point. Or perhaps he just needs to start going around nude. Also, send someone to buy him a book on evolution.

Were You Aware That 2003 Was Actually 23 Years Ago?

It is tough to understand that folks in the early 2000s were already fully capable adults if you are a millennial. We thus feel out of date. However, it would be unnecessary to jump a few years and claim that people born in 2003 are now 23. Do you recall the man who believed Alaska to be a distinct nation from the United States? Well, given that the writer of this site also believes Arizona to be a separate country, perhaps the two of them might become buddies.

This guy doesn’t consider themselves “Americans,” but rather “of Arizona.” Should we be worried about the math curriculum in Arizona? Simply said, figuring out a person’s age who was born in 2003 doesn’t have to be challenging.

Modern Thought’s Development

Why is it that when people can’t understand what researchers are undertaking on space, as when NASA sends a robot to Mars, they start to think it’s an illusion, but when they are unable to comprehend what scientists are doing in space, they start to think it’s real? He presents a convincing case. When we give it any thought, it continues to appear that it’s not a very logical way to approach in terms of science and the job in it.

Nevertheless, these experts will continue sending explorers to Mars and producing amazing discoveries despite the criticisms levied at their genius. And for that, we are quite grateful.

Language Matters, Kids

This is more amusing than stupid. One who speaks many languages would be gravely misled to believe that “Soy Chorizo” refers to “I Am Chorizo” rather than chorizo made from soy. Even though “vegetarian” is clearly mentioned on the container, sometimes perception is skewed by personal preferences. If his only error was a straightforward misunderstanding, he could fare better than the others on the list. The company’s promotional materials, though, could require an update.

Are you aware that the pepper paprika, also known as “pimenton,” first appeared in Spanish marketplaces in the 1600s and gave chorizo its distinctive red color?

That’s the Defintion of Irony

Being a patient wasn’t an option when we last looked. It, unfortunately, does not work like “I can’t take Covidien since I do not trust it.” If it were, we may all feel much better and be able to do ground-breaking research on the impacts of blind optimism. That is not how immunity functions. You cannot just push yourself to remain virus-free with your thinking.

The fact that this man’s strategy failed when he became ill and the rest of his team did the same indicates that he had to learn that lesson the hard way. I can only express my hope that everyone affected by this tragedy is currently feeling better.

Lessons on the Economy

Simply said, when people develop economic theories and share them online, it’s embarrassing, fantastic, and amusing all at once. By examining the states with higher minimum wages, you can demonstrate that this way of thinking is flawed even without reading a book. The prices at Taco Bell are always nice and fair there, as Brian so eloquently observed.

In light of this, Jordan, no increase in the minimum wage won’t push the price of Taco Bell burritos up to an outrageous $38. Please remember to verify your information twice before publishing.

So That’s Not The Way You Wear A Mask, Then?

None of us wears a glove or a boot outside when it’s chilly. Similar ideas apply to masks, which should totally cover your mouth and nose in order to be effective, not just your nose or mouth. Although it’s not a hard concept to grasp, it appears like many people are either unaware of it or don’t care. Correctly wearing it has other advantages as well.

Have you ever run into anyone you disliked in HS while buying groceries? Once you put on a mask, no one can recognize you! Maybe it’s been a couple of years since we last talked to someone at the supermarket.

A Person Has Baby Fever

His incorrect belief that the temperature gauge was a test of pregnancy has gone viral on the internet. What if pregnancy could be discovered using thermometers? As “you are definitely pregnant. Congratulations!” Imagine if they had an ultrasound function too. They would say, “It must be a girl since F represents female.” This person, to put it simply, is too simple to be made fun of; what a symbol of simplicity. We’re ready to wager that this man’s recovery from what transpired was unsuccessful.

No doubt we’ll think of this person the second time we get sick. Maybe we’ll pretend it’s a thermometer the following time somebody uses a pregnancy test.

Warped Logic

Typically, the folks who believe that they are the funniest and smartest in the conversation will say the silliest things. Then they proceed to teach the world about their brilliant ideas while displaying their illustrious status in front of everyone, like they are providing information for each of us and doing us a service. Conversely, they amuse us and provide us the opportunity to laugh at stupid occurrences like these.

Simply because individuals don’t take vaccines off of a spoon, in his opinion, is sufficient evidence that immunizations are dangerous. Technically speaking, orally administered vaccines have been used before we discovered more effective procedures, thus this person’s argument is mostly irrelevant.

The Literal Meaning Of

Have you ever questioned how some people manage to survive in life with only a rudimentary comprehension of it? Perhaps we might assume that this person simply doesn’t understand what ancestors mean. What better justification could there be for people to be curious about their ancestry? Or perhaps they’re simply amusing us. Or perhaps all this person needs is a quick lesson in biology, ugh. Facebook needs at least to censor itself.

I’m concerned about what other knowledge gaps individuals could have if they can’t comprehend something so fundamental. Perhaps they believe that storks carry babies? Or the idea that dollars really “hang” from tree branches?

Think Carefully Before Commenting

“Don’t assist people until each of your personal problems are settled!” One vindictive critic said SOAD ought to be embarrassed for giving lots of money to Armenia instead of the USA. The finest thing occurred when this individual discovered that, as the band members are allegedly Armenian, their viewpoint wasn’t relevant. Oh, the turns and twists Facebook makes.

I’m hoping that this individual truly apologized after going back. Let’s all recommit to conducting research prior to blogging, tweeting, or otherwise disseminating our whole collection of ignorant ideas.

And Let The Force Be With You

Picture Yoda, the Jedi leader from “Star Wars,” standing next to Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal as you open your history textbook in class. But how this image got into the same book and remained missed till it came too late is still a mystery. This has to be single one of the most hilarious and embarrassing errors in human history. As soon as it was finished, someone was dismissed, therefore money must have been spent.

Abdullah Al Shehri, a pop culture iconoclast who reinterprets historical events, created the artwork. He has made it quite clear that he had any idea how his likeness came to be in the book.

Horrible Bosses

Could you picture losing your job because you helped the less poor with scraps? This guy’s supervisor is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with our culture. Because nobody wants to work for a boss who is that heartless, the author of this piece has saved his or her own skin by writing it after being fired. Respect in my shop? “Not under my eyes,” I reply. When will business owners understand that treating their customers and staff fairly can boost their bottom line?

I could just wish that this employer would ultimately receive a dose of their own medication from Karma. I also want good karma for the person who wrote this remark.

How To Produce

Nestle, really? Yes, reports of slavery may harm your company’s reputation. We’d probably want to say sorry. Have we traveled back in history to the 1800s? Has Nestle forgotten that slavery was abolished more than 200 years ago? I kind of hate to say it, but buying labor is much more costly than buying slaves. We’ll admit, it’s shocking. You’ve probably guessed that they were lying when they said Nestle was the “best” manufacturer.

We must concur with Silent Shin on this, despite our best efforts to refrain from being gloomy internet users. It would be best to avoid chocolate altogether if we cannot eat it without being forced into slavery.

Lack of Orientation

If Abraham Lincoln had still been alive, we can be sure he would fiercely disagree with this. Although horrible, this is hardly a surprise. The entire essay serves as evidence that our teachers deserve wage raises, but this piece is particularly persuasive. Your president doesn’t really “live here”; you’re referring to the Lincoln Memorial on the $5 bill. At the White House, the presidents dwell.

The Lincoln Memorial and the White House have certain parallels, which are in his favor. We can see how he may mislead them. I’m sorry, but I’m at a loss for words. They must live the rest of their life in disgrace after uploading it.

Concerning Celeb Endorsements

To ensure that you promote a local firm that can swiftly compete with anything worldwide, a multinational corporation utilizes international superstars. Sounds a little… peculiar? The concept of celebrity endorsements is not, however, a recent one. In reality, a few strange celebrity endorsements have taken place, such as when Penelope Cruise wore a Mario suit for a Nintendo 3DS or when a 64-year-old Bob Dylan appeared in a Victoria’s Secret advertisement. These are incomprehensible to us.

And we are grateful that they do so. Anyway, let’s do it back to the subject at hand. Uber Eats, you are contradicting yourself! It is no secret that local businesses struggle to cover their costs.

Taking Petty to a Whole New Level

Have all the world’s issues been resolved, or did we somehow miss the announcement? Because the headline on Newsmax can only be explained by the absence of noteworthy occurrences. How about world hunger, criminal activity, or student loan debt? They argued that it wasn’t necessary or worthwhile of their time. I guess we’ll simply settle for the President’s cute pet. The sorrowful puppy had done nothing wrong. He just transgresses because he is so adorable.

Champ, don’t worry. Just keep in mind that, unlike rocks and sticks, which may cause bone fractures, words can never injure you. How many dogs can claim, like Champ, to have a Wikipedia page of their own? Pets from “junkyards” shouldn’t exist.

This Woman Wears Her Sunburn Like an Honor Badge

I’ve heard the news. UV protection promotes cancer! Like when you take Advil and feel nauseous afterwards! Otherwise, you’ll pass out and get fatigued. She posted a photo of her sunburn on social media as though it were a new style or something “View my most recent look, which I like to call Red Hot and is now in style. It got to me via THE SUN.” We’re a little alarmed by the number of likes this post garnered, though there was at least one person who suggested she use sunscreen.

How she came to believe that solar cream is hazardous is even more puzzling. Now may we take this opportunity to remind everyone to wear solar cream at all times! Purchase some SPF 50!

And That Is What Minimum Wage Actually Means

There is simply too much knowledge in this topic. He said that the audience for it was not individuals who needed the money to support themselves. Things became challenging, though, when another one noted that the minimum wage is meant to give the very least funds required for an individual to meet the whole of their fundamental requirements as well as those of their family.

But as the story went on, one person claimed that the notion that the basic income is meant to be sufficient to support a family is just “an interpretation by Google” and not actuality. Yes, that’s exactly right; users online concur that we are required to strengthen it.

Never Submit Your Principles to Compromise

When Beth paid a $100 bill for her $47.20 supper and received a $53 refund, she had a similar experience. Beth stated that even though she only lost 20 cents on the deal, the restaurant defrauded her of 80 cents. Oh, Beth. Although whether she was correct and they owed her 80 cents, it would seem acceptable to discuss the situation.

The best part of this story is how angry she is, especially considering that she received a 20 cent rebate. She didn’t leave a tip, but we gambled that 20 cents on it.

Ahem OK…

All of this person’s actions are words. Given how tone-deaf and out-of-touch certain individuals are, I’m beginning to doubt that they inhabit the same planet as us. There is a chance that some males are coming from Mars. This person seems to be operating under the widely held belief that they may just want the infection to occur with their condition in order for it to go, as indicated in these postings.

Although I see where his point is, who can refuse $2000? We’ll be happy to take it away from him in case he chooses not to take it. With this strategy, he may ensure that he puts in more hours. After all, he needs to get more workers into jobs.